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    Restorative Therapy in Chandigarh

    State-of-the-art Treatment with lasting results

Repair and Rebuild what was Lost!

With Caries and Endodontic Concerns the sooner we address the issue, the better.

Inspired by our commitment to the latest, most effective Restorative treatments, we’re pleased to provide both surgical and non-surgical Restorative therapies in Chandigarh.

From prevention and diagnosis to repairing and rejuvenating your oral health — we’re with you at every step.

Most effective Restorative Treatment at ADC™

Root Canal Treatment

Suffering from Shooting Pain in the Tooth.  Caries often invades the Pulp and the nervous tissue in the tooth causing sharp shooting pain in  and around your teeth. The canals of the tooth are the perfect hiding spot for bacteria and, this results in infection and Inflammation. Root Canal Treatment or Endodontic Therapy is a procedure for treating this bacterial infections and inflammation in the Tooth.

This procedure is usually recommended as a treatment for advanced stages of Tooth Cavity or Carious disease.

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Microscope has become an essential part of practice atADC- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry with ability of multiple zooming (Upto 22 times the size). With help of micro dentistry “We see more and cure better”.

The minutest and most complex structures in the tooth and RCT (Root Canal Treatment) are now visible, thus moving away from uncertainty. Microscopes along with Dental Lasers jointly form a good recipe for successful Root Canal Therapy.

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Laser Dentistry

ADC- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry is proud to be one of the few Laser Dentistry equipped dental office in Chandigarh. LASER has a revolutionary, High-tech, minimally-invasive aiding effects in Root Canal Treatment as well as in new regeneration of tissue around the teeth lost due to periodontal disease.

This modern technique offers less discomfort with no cutting and no stitches. Come in, get the procedure, then get back to your life with no interruption.

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Crown & Bridge

A Dental Crown “crown/cap” is often required when the tooth has been Root canal Treated or severely damaged by the decay and is best restored by a crown/cap over it. Sometimes a crown can also be used for smile designing/cosmetic procedures for improving color and the shape. Conventionally the crowns were made of metal or ceramic layered over metal (Porcelain Crown).

Dr. Mohit Dhawan offers a combination of traditional Crown treatment and state-of-the-art techniques to give you personalised care and superior results — traditional Dental Crowns, inlays and the cutting-edge CAD CAM technique.

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Crown and Bridges through Digital Impressions

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