Pros and Cons of Laser Root Canal Therapy

By - Rohit
19.07.2021 17:37:08

Ever since induction, Lasers have played a great role in the medical and dental science. They have been hugely instrumental in replacing the traditional tools and drills for some of the dental procedures.

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) treatment uses high energy light beans to modify or remove the soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity. Lasers can now be used to gain the access to the pulp chambers of the tooth, remove infected tissues, disinfect the Root Canal and even shape the canals. According to Endodontic association laser disinfection of the root canals has shown promising results in comparison to conventional root canal preparation. Some of the advantages of the treatment are as follows: 

Pro #1 - Great accuracy

Lasers can remove the bacteria and infected tissues with great accuracy from the disease tooth. Studies have demonstrated that bacterial decontamination of the root canal system with lasers have 36-45 % more efficacy.

Pro #2 - Comfortable   

It is also instrumental in removing and reducing the discomfort. The sound of drilling can be phobic for certain patients which is eliminated with the use of lasers.

Pro #3 - Faster Recovery

Lasers can reduce the post root canal treatment discomfort and initiate faster healing. There are reports of less bleeding with use of lasers in surgical procedures.

Pro #4 - Effective Results

Laser-irrigation of the root canals has favorable results in comparison to conventional irrigation technique for the root canal therapy.

Pro #5 - Combination of Two Techniques

Our Endodontist, believe that combination of traditional techniques and modern day lasers can provide optimal results.

When the advantages of the lasers outweigh the disadvantages, it is equally important for us to highlight the disadvantages of laser tooth treatment.

Con #1 - Smells Burning

Because LASER uses high energy wave length to remove hard and soft tissues, it can often smell of burning during the procedure. The Laser and tooth interaction causes a rise in temperature, which can damage the adjacent tissues. Hence lasers have to be used with great caution.

Con #2 - More Research Required

It has been hard to establish the role of lasers in providing effective root canal seal and the safe use of high energy wavelength lasers in root canal treatment for pregnant ladies is yet to be supported by evidence based research papers.

If you have any further question about role of lasers in root canal therapy, write to our Endodontist now.