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At the ADC- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry we like to keep our patients up to date with the latest news, not just about the practice but also the latest advances in dentistry and dental care. We are issuing newsletters every month- 12 in a year of our Newsletter named Tooth Talk,  which can be found at the practice website. The benefits of our newsletter include:

  • Regular dental health tips
  • Information on existing treatments
  • Information on new treatments
  • Practice Information
  • Patient testimonials
  • Plus much more

Simply click on the issue you are interested in below and you can view online or download it:

paperless dental clinic
Join the movement ​#paperless

Going Paperless can help save the Earth from climate change and biodiversity loss. It is a big task, but we know we can do it together. Get Help in going Paperless.

We have transformed into a Paperless Dental Practise.

At ADC™- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry, we work and strive hard to ensure that you and your loved ones have an awesome experience any time there is a dental treatment need. We took a major step at our practice, as our continued initiative and efforts to Save Trees Save Environment Programme, we shifted to a be a paperless dental practise, which means all your patient records will be digital in Nature . All the relevant files (x-rays, clinical notes, insurance information, etc.) will also be digital in nature. With everything in one place, you  can keep up-to-date with records without having to gather multiple physical files to look at.
Paperless Dental Practise

Help us spread the Awareness & Motivate to Join Go "Paperless"

Together we can contribute to save the environment and the impact of Going "Paperless".

“I believe in a healthy, long-lasting smile that patients can be proud of. Through research, continuing education, I can continue to deliver the most up-to-date and scientifically-proven techniques that deliver this promise.”
​- Dr R. Dhawan

Healthy and Long Lasting Smile