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Destination Chandigarh Worth a Visit
​for International Patient

Chandigarh is a beautifully planned city in India, at foothills of Shivalik Mountains with architecture, which is world famous and possesses an unparalleled literacy rate (highest in India 96%) and quality of life. The true face of modernisation in India, Chandigarh excels in having leading medical hospitals, dentists and dental clinics with advanced technology at affordable price making it a favourite destination for International Patients. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) back in 2015, published Chandigarh as one amongst the perfect cities in world with modernisation, Architecture and Cultural growth as its parameters. 

Chandigarh is one amongst the top destination for international patient looking for Dental Implants Abroad. Every year approximately 1700 – 2100 international patients come to Chandigarh, attracted by city’s excellent infrastructure and comprehensive dental tourism services. 

Chandigarh as a destination has a unique and irresistible charm and attraction. The city has developed into a sparkling, modernized and well planned metropolis.

Affordable & Quality Dental Implants Abroad

The dental implant treatment in Chandigarh is highly affordable in comparison to other parts of India and world. The average expenditure for dental Implant treatment with best dentist in Chandigarh is one sixth for what it would cost in the other parts of the world. Similarly Paediatric dentist in Europe and Central America are about 7 to 10 times more expensive than Paediatric Dentist in Chandigarh. With readily available Dental care and Dentist professionals in Chandigarh and India, the prices you pay vary greatly from the other parts of the world. Insurance company unlike in other parts of world have negligible role of profit making in comparison to the other nations such as United States. Paying more in other regions does not necessarily assure that you are paying for better quality treatment. We feel proud to assure best possible European standards quality dental treatment compliance.

Price Comparison for some other Dental Treatments

 Dental Procedures USA ($) India ($)
 Dental Implants 4,000.00 350.00 - 700.00
 Metal Free Crown 1,500.00 160.00
 Porcelain-Metal Crown 1,200.00 80.00
 Veneers 1,500.00 160.00
 Smile designing (Ant 6 teeth) 8,000.00 950.00
 Metal Free Bridge (3 unit) 4,500.00 480.00
 Porcelain Metal Bridge (3 unit) 3,000.00 240.00
 Laser Root canal Treatment 1,200.00 60.00
 Tooth colored composite fillings 500.00 25.00
 Laser Tooth whitening 1,000.00 130.00
 Balanced Complete Dentures 3,000.00 350.00

* the prices in the table above are average prices and can vary. 

Receive a No Obligation 

Quote for Your Dental Treatment

Read: Factors Affecting Cost Of Dental Implants Treatment

If you are looking for replacing many of the missing teeth or all the teeth in either of the jaws or both the jaws, "All on 4" and "All on 6" treatment procedures will be the point of discussion with the Dentist most of the times. However, it is important to understand that the cost of dental implants is influenced by several factors

Step by Step Guide for International Patients

Get Dental and Medical Records analysed
Step 1: Get Dental & Medical records Analysed

Once your request is received and your records are analysed by our experts to advise you on the appropriate treatment solutions. For proper analysis you should send us all you have- Written Notes by Doctors, Radiographs, referral letters, Photographs, drug prescriptions, laboratory prescriptions, etc etc. 

Please note that all online submissions of medical and dental records must be translated to English prior to being submitted. 

Scan all your past records and Documents in a PDF format or JPG format and send them to us. Alternatively you can also Email them to us.

Step 2: Consult before you Plan a Trip

Before you make travel plans, we can schedule an online (video) appointment of international patient with the concerned doctor to discuss your Dental Condition in detail through an E-Consultation service. You can discuss your queries, treatment plans, durations etc in detail without any hesitations. You can now consult our Doctors from wherever you are, using your smart phone or computer screen.

The privacy of our patients is critical to us, and thus, we are compliant with industry standards like ISO 27001. Rest assured that your online consultation with a doctor is completely safe and secured with 256-bit encryption.

Set Up Online consultation

Questions about Paying for Treatment?

Our team is committed to helping you navigate obstacles that may keep you from getting the high-quality care and treatment you deserve. After E- Consultation with Doctors, our team members will send you an Estimate.  We put in the level best efforts to align both your requirements and budget. You can review our Payment and Financial Policies.  Still have some queries or questions un-answered, Email them to us.
Confirm your dental treatment dates
Step 3: Confirm Your Dates

On confirmation of your First Appointment, the team ADC will organise Subsequent appointments required during your Treatment visit to ChandigarhOnce you arrive, your appointed International Patient Care Executive will pick you up from the Airport and provide all the required assistance throughout your stay. We can even assist you with any sightseeing trips you may want to undertake after your recovery. 

Our International Patient Services will organize your treatment packages, provide visa assistance, arrange an airport pickup and assist hotel reservations. These services include coordinating scheduling of appointments, medical care and advice and ensuring your comfort and well being.

Step 4: Request Medical Documents for Visa

Patients of nationalities other than India, can check travel visa requirements. Click here to Apply for the Visa.

Request Medical Documents for Visa
  • Request medical documents:

The Indian consulate is very particular about providing medical visas for foreign nationals and is known to thoroughly vet an individual’s medical history before actually signing off on a visa. To avoid unwanted delays or possible rejections, make sure to have all the relevant medical documents ready. Patients can have a maximum of two attendants who can accompany the patient into the country.

However, their entry will require another form of visa called the Medical Attendant Visa. This visa will have the same validity of the medical visa.

Confirm your Medical Stay in Chandigarh

Step 5: Confirm your Stay

Famously known as the first planned city in India post-Independence, Chandigarh is internationally recognised for its urban design and architecture. Nicknamed “CITY BEAUTIFUL”, Chandigarh is a rare fusion of modernity, natural beauty and serenity. Its location near the foothills of the Shivalik Range of the Himalaya not only places natural elements (flora and fauna species) within its urban boundaries but also gives it a magnetic appeal. That’s why this planned city is visited by a large number of tourists, domestic and international both, for various reasons, ranging from business,  leisure to Treatment Trips. Since almost everything about Chandigarh is extremely impressive, it is no different with its hotels and stays.

MEDI-STAY increases the level of personalised patient care and helps patients at ADC- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry, by offering the lowest rates for at all the participating hotels. You can avail the hotel features and services at the lowest possible rates in close proximity to the dental practice of your choice, pick and drop services, luxury and much more.

We assist the hotel and accommodation reservations for International patients and their families by understanding the needs and requirements of our international patients. When you or your family travels to receive dental care, we ensure to do away the stress of finding, researching and reservations at the right hotel with complete peace of mind.

Step 6: Medi-Travel

We assist our International Patients looking for flights and travel for their dental treatment at ADC- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry at Chandigarh. MEDI-TRAVEL offers the lowest rates for Domestic and International Air-tickets for patients. You can search the shortest flights, opt for luxurious travels and other airline features and services at the lowest possible rates to reach the dental practice of your choice. Medi-Travel offers complimentary pick up from the Airports to Practice and lot more. Fill up the form for your air-travel and let us know your air-ticket reservation needs.

Medi Travel
Get Assistance from Treatment till Recovery

Step 7: Get Assistance from Treatment till Recovery.

At the ADC, beginning with the admission process, doctor consultations and treatment, all the way to recovery, our international patient services coordinators will be with you every step of the way. Following successful treatment, the doctor will advise you on post-treatment care and follow-up assistance for future appointments, if required. We assist you with all your post treatment queries, arrange all your medical reports, support you through the discharge process and finally drop you back to the airport and even see you till the aircraft door.

Step 8: Follow-up after going home via E-Consultation

ADC makes it easy for you to contact your doctor once you are back home through our user friendly online phone, video or email consultation service. You can connect with any of our doctors at the click of a button.
Follow-up after going home via E-Consultation