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    We have Transformed 
    into a Paperless Dental Practise.

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Going "Paperless" can help save the Earth from climate change and biodiversity loss. It is a big task, but we know we can do it together. Get Help in going "Paperless". Refer us the offices/companies/individual/organisation that look to transform into "Paperless".

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Our Mission with #Paperless Movement

We Inspire people to go Paperless, Plant Trees, nuture and Celebrate Clean Environment!

While there is no one solution to the World's Environmental problems, it is time tested fact that the simplest and most effective solution is Go Paperless and Save Trees. For every office turning Paperless will save 15 trees on Average basis, but also has a deep effect on regeneration of the entire eco-system. So one can accomplish the Herculean task of Saving the Environment by inspiring offices to go Paperless and Planting more Trees.

We initiate the movement "Paperless" for India to plant a minimum of 500 (Five Hundred Plants) and inspire minimum 100 (One Hundreds offices) each year to go Paperless and transform into Digital world .

You can also Join the Movement "Paperless" by either Volunteering or referring the Movement to your friends and relatives, or by planting trees or referring us the offices/companies/individual/organisation that seek help to transform into "Paperless", and we will provide the necessary guidance on your behalf. or referring us the offices/companies/individual/organisation that seek help to transform into "Paperless", and we will provide the necessary guidance on your behalf.

We have transformed into a Paperless Dental Practise.

At ADC™- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry, we work and strive hard to ensure that you and your loved ones have an awesome experience any time there is a dental treatment need. We took a major step at our practice, as our continued initiative and efforts to Save Trees Save Environment Programme, we shifted to a be a paperless dental practise, which means all your patient records will be digital in Nature . All the relevant files (x-rays, clinical notes, insurance information, etc.) will also be digital in nature. With everything in one place, you  can keep up-to-date with records without having to gather multiple physical files to look at.
Paperless Dental Practise

Help us spread the Awareness & Motivate to Join Go "Paperless"

Together we can contribute to save the environment and the impact of Going "Paperless".

What is a Paperless Dental Practise?

A Paperless Dental Practise, also called a Paper free Dental Clinic is a dental office which uses minimal physical paper and primarily uses Digital Documents. We at ADC™- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry have  greatly reduced the use of paper in the workplace and converted paper files into electronic files also known as digitisation of Dental Records. This has enabled us to offer many benefits by going paperless, from saving resources to boosting security. From  New Patient Onboarding documents, prescriptions to payment receipts, our Dental Office processes no longer revolves around paper.

Benefits of a Paperless Dental Office

  • Saves Time: Time spent filing, organizing, and searching for paper documents is time that you could spend on more productive tasks. Digitized documents are stored in a central repository, which is basically a well-organized digital filing cabinet where all of your documents live. This means our staff members can find files at the click of a button, much more quickly than the laborious, manual process of searching for a specific file in a buried folder.
  • Saves Space: Paper files and patient records took up a lot of space in our Dental office previously– as do filing cabinets and space to store those filing cabinets. What was worse, paper patient records kept piling up, oftentimes accumulated more quickly than our staff members could sort and organise them. Digitizing your dental records now allows us to store all documents either on an on-premises server.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Going digital has improved our In Patient process efficiency. Paperless dental office has reduced monthly expenditures on papers, printers, ink, postage, office space for files and employee time to manage paperwork.
  • Easy Transfer of Information: At ADC™ the Document management software offer easily compiles digital documents importing any file type (.docx, .pdf, image files). Many commonly used applications, like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, integrate with document management system and have native plugins which allow you to file your document into your content management system with just one click.
  • Promoting Environment: Manufacturing paper products produce greenhouse gases, causing deforestation and global warming. Recycling can offset some of the environmental impact, but not by much. Most paper eventually ends up in a landfill. Further, ink and toners contain volatile compounds and non-renewable substances which are damaging to the environment. It is much more sustainable to simply reduce paper use altogether by switching to a paperless dental office.
  • Boosts Security: Physical dental documents can be hard to track – reams of paper can get lost, misfiled or destroyed without anyone noticing. Our Document management software has advanced security capabilities that can tackle security challenges setting-up granular access rights, with assign permissions at the document level (e.g. settings based on the type of document), user level (e.g. settings based on person’s job function), or system level (e.g. overarching security for all data in the system).The security benefits of a paperless workplace go beyond access rights. Implementing document management software also allows organisations to leverage electronic signatures, redact confidential information, create audit trails and more.

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