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    When Bone around your teeth shrinks.

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Dealing with bone loss in the Jaw

Dealing with bone loss in the Jaw?

Let the problem be fixed.
Do you have one or more missing teeth? Are you suffering from Peri-implantitis or gum disease? Talk to our team members today and evaluate the risks of dental bone loss in your mouth. If bone loss is happening, it’s important to stop it from progressing further and make a treatment plan for rebuilding the bone that has been lost.

Schedule an appointment with us today in Chandigarh. We’ll take a look at what’s going on and offer a customised recommendation for your specific situation.

What causes Bone Loss?

Bone loss is quite common, frequent and is usually a result of either missing teeth or Peri-implantitis or advanced periodontitis.

Missing Teeth
Right in the first 12 months after a tooth loss, 25% of the bone loss has been reported and it continues to wear away with passage of time. In Normal situation, your jawbone is supported, strengthened and preserved due to presense of tooth. When the tooth s extracted, the pressure and biting forces are no longer transmitted to the bone around the tooth, as a result the bone resorbs.

Gum Disease
In the case of periodontitis or peri-implantitis, the bacteria colonizing in your gums and mouth will gradually eat away your underlying jawbone that connects the tooth (or implant) to the bone.
Causes of bone loss in the Jaw?

What are the signs and symptoms of bone loss?

Your mouth is the window to your body and health. 

 Loose Teeth
Shrinking Gums
New Gap between your teeth
Bad Breath
Pain when chewing
Swollen or bleeding gums

Is Bone Loss in the Jaw Reversible?

Bone loss if left untreated can cause irreversible damage. If it is left untreated, the bone in your jaw and around your teeth will continue to resorb, leading to tooth loss, severe gum disease, bad breath and pain. There is good news! In most of the cases, dental bone loss can be stopped. And with expert dental care, you can actually regenerate bone and reverse bone loss.
Treatment for dental bone loss

How to treat dental bone loss?

We offer high-tech treatments for bone loss in the jaw. At our offices, we may recommend a bone loss treatment when:
  • Existing teeth or implants are at risk
  • Your jaw bone is too unstable to support an implant or other restorative treatment
We’ll review your situation and determine the best treatment option, which may include:
Guided Bone Regeneration — Rebuilds the bone that’s been lost, creating an adequate, strong, and stable foundation to replace a missing tooth. Learn More
Bone Graft — Builds up the foundation around your teeth to maintain their health. Learn More
Everyone was nice, professional and able to answer any questions I had. If you want people who are passionate and care about your wellbeing, look no further. I could not express how grateful I am for this office, staff and to the great work of Dr Dhawan! I had an extraction and 2 implants with no pain at all. The care and constant concern of the Dr and staff is remarkable.
- Priya
Bonus: Can you prevent bone loss?
Yes! Here’s how:
  • Replace the missing teeth as soon as you lose them
  • Practice daily good oral hygiene habits
  • Follow your routine dental cleanings and examination
  • Follow all your dentist-recommended treatment or prevention plans
Can you prevent bone loss?
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