Pros and Cons of Laser Teeth Whitening

By - Rohit
19.07.2021 17:47:35

Most Patients spend thousands of Dollars, wishing for a brighter & white Smile. Indeed the science has developed a long way & the innovative new methodologies have made the white Smile a great treatment option. A patient no longer has to stay with yellow unattractive Teeth.

Good or Bad Idea?

Patients are often willing to undergo lengthy Teeth Whitening Processes which conventionally involved application of Bleaching agent on to the Tooth surface. Yes it is true! A Bleaching agent like any other Facial fairness Bleach is applied on the outer Tooth surface.

Most patients or Actors/Actresses associated with the glamour world go for repeated Teeth Whitening sessions. It makes them look more attractive. However besides certain advantages, there are certain disadvantages to the treatment as well such as high cost, potential Teeth sensitivity. The obvious advantages of Laser Teeth Whitening are as follows:

Pro #1 - Improved Appearance

Whiter & Brighter smile often leaves patients within an attractive Smile & great self confidence. Surveys have indicated that professionals/Employees who undergo Teeth whitening procedures tend to work with greater self confidence in their respective offices. Great Smiles often leave an appealing, Charming & Trustworthy first Impression. Often patients strive for these virtues. Great Smiles are also social indicators associated with a healthy life style, Health, Beauty & self belief.

Pro #2 - Great First Impression

First Smile Impression is generally the last standing Impression. Great Smiles are generally well noticed by people around you. This is the magic of Laser Teeth whitening.

Pro #3 - Camouflage your Age

Bright and whiter Teeth can make you look younger. A Laser whitened smile can often make the difference in your looks.

However there are certain disadvantages which you can expect when it comes to laser tooth whitening. Some of the obvious disadvantages of laser teeth whitening are as follows:

Con #1 - High Cost for Treatment

Not many Dental insurance companies across the globe cover dental cosmetic procedures. Laser Teeth Whitening procedure is highly regarded as luxury cosmetic procedure, which has to be self financed. Average cost for laser teeth whitening can go up to USD 4000-00 in United States.

Con #2 - Not all are patients good candidates.

Some patients often report to dental offices with intrinsic stains in the tooth, which are impossible to remove with laser teeth whitening. Tetracycline stains and other drug induced stains are also impossible to manage with teeth whitening procedure. Therefore not all patients are good candidates for laser teeth whitening procedures. Consult your dentist before jumping into laser teeth whitening procedure.

Con #3 - Diet & Food

Certain food & beverages such as Coffee, Tee, Turmeric and Tannic acid rich diets have to be avoided in order to sustain long term affects of laser teeth whitening procedure. Regardless of the diet and teeth whitening procedure, the constant accumulation of plaque and stains on teeth lead to short term results. The results are not permanent.

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