Tooth Talk Vol IV Issue 5

By - Rohit
18.07.2021 18:42:33

Read in detail about treatment alternatives under Microscope, and with piezosurgery unit. Read how Piezosurgery unit is used in Sinus Lifts, Implant Site Preperation and Extraction.

Download the pdf and read in detail.At Avance Dental Care, we work and strive hard to ensure you and your loved ones have an awesome experience any time there is a dental treatment need. We took a major step at our practice, so that we can provide our patients completely cashless and paperless experience- whether it is dental consultation visit or any dental implants procedure. All of this can now be covered by dental insurance companies.

Our dental app enables seamless transfer of digital prescriptions and treatment plans. Does facilitating the quick claims and dental insurance settlements making your visit completely cashless and paperless.