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Looking for a reliable solution to replace missing teeth? 

Look no further than our dental implant services in Chandigarh. Dental implants are the perfect choice for restoring your smile and regaining full functionality.

At our dental clinic, we specialize in implant dentistry and offer advanced dental implant solutions to patients in Chandigarh and beyond. Our skilled and experienced dental implant specialists are dedicated to providing exceptional care and delivering outstanding results. Whatever the cause, a lost tooth is not the end for your smile or your ability to chew, speak, and live happily and confidently. Dental implants from ADC- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry restores your health and breathes new life into your smile.

Dental Implant is an option if you have lost a tooth
Members of International Team of Implantology.

Dr Mohit Dhawan and Dr Rosy Dhawan are one of the few postgraduate Dentists in Chandigarh and Tricity who are members of International Team of Implantology. With thousands of dental implants completed, your smile is in good hands at ADC- Center for Restorative and Implant Dentistry

What are Dental Implants?

If keeping your natural tooth is no longer an option, a dental implant is the next best thing. A Dental implant is a root simulating structure placed in the jaw bone to support the missing tooth. We offer both titanium and ceramic (zirconium) implants — two of the most biocompatible materials on the market long-lasting results, and sedation dentistry options to ensure your comfort.In most cases, we can perform your implant treatment in just one comfortable visit.

  • Procedure Duration : 20-120 Minutes depending on the number of teeth implants planned. Crown(s)on implants require separate appointments (minimum 3).
  • Anaesthesia: On Most occasions local anaesthetic is required but conscious sedation and general anaesthesia options are available. 
  • Post operative Check-up: Several postoperative checkups are required making it a multi visit procedure.
  • Shelf Life: Results can be long lasting with proper care and follow up.
  • Healing Time: Usually takes 24 hours to 3 days for healing requiring minor NSAID’S (non - steroidal anti-inflammatory, analgesic medication) and antibiotics.
  • Possible Risks: Dental Implant problems may include infection or a possible failure. Please discuss with your dentist all the possible risks and alternatives. A well informed decision is strongly advocated.
What are Dental Implants?

Instructions after the Dental Implants Surgery

Following the dental implants surgery, our team will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to promote optimal healing. It is normal to experience some swelling and discomfort in the days following the procedure, but these symptoms can be managed with proper care and medication, if needed.

Treatment Options with Dental Implants

After a thorough dental check up, we at ADC will determine, which Dental Implants Treatment option is the ideally suited procedure in your case. It is the health of your gums, teeth, and supporting jaw bone as well as the systemic health condition that determines your suitability for the particular treatment option that you should be going for. We strongly caution patients, not to take any affirmative decisions based upon information available on Internet and marketing Websites only but to corroborate the information with Dentist findings and recommendations. Our dentist will attempt to ensure that the appearance of your Dental implants teeth are as natural as they can be, and they feel natural as well.

A Single Dental Implant Restoration

A Single Dental Implant Restoration

A single implant dental restoration replaces a single lost tooth. Whether the missing tooth was caused by an accident or not, an implant can be put in the location where the missing tooth was. The implant restoration replaces the tooth and must be treated much like a natural tooth. 


If you want to manage your single tooth loss without experiencing too much stress, you need a professional single dental implant restoration. Single Dental implant Restoration is the most dependable dental restorations available. Schedule an Appointment to discuss with your dentist the appropriate implant restoration for your unique circumstances with us today.

Dental Implant Bridges

A dental implant bridge is a type of Dental implant treatment option that is used when two or three or more consecutive and adjacent teeth are Missing. In this Dental Implant Restorative option, two implants or more will be inserted in the span of missing teeth as anchors. After the implants have healed, a bridge is custom-made with false tooth in the middle. 

Inspired by our commitment to the latest, most effective Dental Implant Treatment options, we’re pleased to provide both Digital Designers and CAD CAM  based Dental Implant bridges and Crowns Treatment in Chandigarh.

Dental Implant Bridges
All-on-8 Dental Implants

All-on-8 Dental Implants

Patients with edentulism (the absence of teeth) can be advised to go for an All-on-8 Dental implant treatment option. For individuals who look forward to restore more than 90% of their lost natural teeth bitting efficiency, this treatment option is often advised.   

Eight implants placed in one tooth arch also makes it possible to install a bridge more swiftly and securely. All-on-eight procedures are more efficient, have a natural appearance and feel, and, most significantly, are fixed. 

All-on-6 Dental Implants

Patients with edentulism (the absence of teeth) can also be advised to go for an All-on-6 Dental implant treatment option. Six implants are used to repair and re-construct the single arch of teeth. Bridges are fabricated over 6 implants to replace 12 teeth in each jaw (First Molar to First Molar). 

The All-on-6 system ensure an optimum rock-solid solution and the perfect fit. Talk to us to learn if All-on-6 implants are right for you.

All-on-6 Dental Implants
all-on-4 dental implants

All-on-4 Implants

Suffering from missing teeth? Looking for an alternative to adhesive dentures or multiple implants? All-on-4 implants are a great solution for replacing multiple missing teeth.

The All-on-4 system attaches dentures to as less as 4 individual implants to ensure a rock-solid and permanent solution and the perfect fit. Talk to us to learn if All-on-4 implants are right for you.

What is Right for You: All-on-6 or All-on-4 Dental Implants?

If you are looking for replacing many of the missing teeth or all the teeth in either of the jaws or both the jaws, "All on 4" and "All on 6" treatment procedures will be the point of discussion with the Dentist most of the times. Though both the treatment concepts appear to be very similar and look to achieve similar results, they have some key difference in the procedures.

Implant Over-dentures

Say goodbye to the hassle of repeatedly using the adhesives on the dentures or the complex surgical procedure coupled with long waiting process required for implant healing. Implants offer an immediate solution. Also called implant-supported dentures, this treatment is a combination hybrid of dentures driving support and retention from the implants and a scientific proven method for replacing the missing teeth in the Jaw.

We’re proud to offer this modern implant-supported denture treatment in our office- ADC™- Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry. Compared to the use of adhesive dentures, the Implant Over-denture Treatment option offers numerous benefits.

Implant Over-Dentures

“By writing this review I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Mohit Dhawan and his team. I certainly made the right choice after having three consultations, before I visited ADC. What impressed me the most is that he doesn't try to convince you to do treatments which aren't necessary as I have experienced some dentists try to convince you for treatments which aren't actually needed. I had an accident last year in which I lost a tooth and Dr. Mohit suggested me for a dental implant. Now, I feel much more confident about my smile."

- Ragini

Dental implants from ADC- Center for Restorative and Implant Dentistry

  • Rejuvenated eating and speaking

    Patients very happily put back on the menu the foods that were difficult to eat earlier with Dentures or missing teeth. Functionality is greatly restored with the help of dental implants. Phonetics and speaking becomes much easier.

  • Neighbouring teeth un-touched

    Unlike other dental treatment alternatives, dental implants do not use neighbouring teeth for support. This aspect is conservative and therefore can improve the overall health of an individual and help him/her in long shelf life of Teeth.

  • Comfortable fit

    Since the dental implant fuses with the jaw bone and get fixed, it makes the restorations more stable and comfortable. The bio compatibility of the materials makes the restorations readily accepted by the human body.

  • A new tooth from day one

    Your dentist can provide you with the crown at the time of dental implant placement giving you immediate functionality. However, this immediate function is individual and situation specific.

  • Long lasting results

    Dental implants are the mostly reliable and easy to maintain with proper oral hygiene and care.

Caring for your Implants

The rumours are true- Implants cannot get Cavities. But you still need to do your part to keep the bone and the gums around them healthy and strong.

It is Simple:

  • Brush and Floss Daily
  • Keep an eye on any changes in your dental health.
  • Visit your dentist for recommended check-ups and cleanings. When properly cared for, your implant is designed to last decades or even a lifetime.

Failed Implants? We can Help!

If a previous implant is feeling loose, infected, bleeding, or showing other symptoms of peri-implantitis, let us help. We specialise in stabilising and fixing failed implants to restore the health and function of your smile.

Caring for your Implants

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