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Will a Dental Implant Procedure Cause me Pain?
Dental implants have become the main stay of teeth replacement therapy but before any individual proceeds with a Dental Implant Procedure, the first question that pops up in ones mind is : Will the Dental Implant Procedure cause me "Pain"? Will it Hurt?
12.08.2022 07:00:00 - Comment(s)
Smoking and Dental Implants
Smoking causes periodontal problems (gum disease) for both teeth and Dental Implants, damaging the Jaw bone, and results in halitosis (bad breath) and stained teeth. Smoking increases the chances of infections also termed as peri-implantitis.
07.06.2022 14:50:00 - Comment(s)
Important Instructions After Dental Implants Surgery
You are advised to follow all the instruction to avoid any possible infection and unnecessary pain after tooth extraction.
07.06.2022 07:27:05 - Comment(s)
An Easy Guide To Choose A Dental Implant Specialist For Your Oral Health.
An Easy Guide To Choose A Dental Implant Specialist. For Your Oral Health. With our step by step guide, you will be able to find a highly qualified dental implant specialist in your city in no time.
24.09.2021 12:05:00 - Comment(s)
Benefits of Salt Water Rinses
Understand the oral benefits with salt-water rinses. Salt-water rinses are easy and time tested home remedy for faster healing. Learn how to prepare Salt water Rinses.
01.07.2021 15:35:00 - Comment(s)
6 Stages of Dental Implant Treatment
If you are considering Dental Implants Treatment at ADC™, you must be aware about various stages of Dental Implant Treatment.
30.01.2021 20:00:00 - Comment(s)
Stages of Dental Implant Osseointegration
Osseointegration refers to bony union of Titanium based Dental Implant and the existing jaw bone. Learn about the stages of dental implant Osseointegration.
10.08.2020 21:00:00 - Comment(s)
Ask for SLActive Dental Implants
By achieving implant stability earlier than the critical treatment period of 2 to 4 weeks, the SLActive Dental Implants provide faster and predictable results.
02.08.2020 16:00:00 - Comment(s)
5 Factors Affecting Cost Of Dental Implants
Trying to know the exact Cost of Dental Implants can be very frustrating and tiring. Read in
01.07.2020 15:35:00 - Comment(s)
8 Disadvantages of Cement Retained Implant Restorations
Screw retained fixed Implant restorations have advantages over conventionally used Cement
02.07.2018 16:00:00 - Comment(s)